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Hawaiian Recipe Ideas for Labor Day

With any event, food is generally the main staple ingredient to spicing up festivities, a good time and bringing people together.  In our last entry we gave you ideas for what to do this coming Labor Day.  To compliment that, here are some fantastic food ideas to help transform your typical Labor Day BBQ into that tropical island getaway for you and your guests. 

Ahi Poke

What to do on Labor Day

The typical list of activities surrounding holidays such as Labor Day usually include BBQs, picnics and simple gatherings to enjoy the sun and a relaxing day off.  Labor Day is one of the only holidays that fall on the same weekday every year, the first Monday of every September.  This September 7th, get creative with a themed event, or plan a mini vacation to escape the busy city and daily routines. 

11 Hottest Celebrity Pools

The backyard swimming pool began its rise in popularity after World War II. Prior to this, Ancient Romans and Greeks constructed grand scale artificial pools for athletic training. Since then, celebrities have gone to lavish lengths to build some of the most luxurious and stunning swimming pools around. Here are what we think are the 11 hottest celeb pools.

1. Sylvester Stallone

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